About Us

United Parcel Service (UPS) also well-known as UPSers is a US-based multinational parcel delivery and supply chain management company. UPSers is a firm based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in the American city of Atlanta. Along with the delivery of packages, the UPS also provides other services without compromising the quality. UPSers also provide airline services, freight services, transportation, and other shipping services.

More than 444,000 people serve UPSers, of which approximately 444,000 people of which 362,000 people are the residents of the USA, 82,000 from all over the world. The Teamsters international fraternity employs approximately 240,000 pilots, parcel controllers, and UPS employees.

UPS Company has launched a web portal at UPSers.com that allows employees to access information about their work. This web portal is very useful for employees to monitor their information at regular intervals.  UPSers employee needs to register themselves on the official UPSers portal to have access to their credentials like calendar, payroll, benefits, etc.

UPSers are also often termed as BROWN, as the color of the truck, and their uniform is brown in color. Managing more than 4 million people worldwide is definitely not a cakewalk. It also includes sub service providers who offer their customers the best possible service. UPS affiliates include UPS Mail Innovations, UPS Air Cargo, UPS supply chain solutions, UPS Connect, UPS Freight, and more